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Artists From China And Around The World Converge At International Surrealism Now Project


Mississippi, United States, January 5, 2016 / - The next editions of International Surrealism Now will be held in the United States in Mississipi at Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery, MSU Welcome Center. It will be in January and February and in Partícula Coimbra, next February, and Multimedia Poros Museum in Condeixa-a-Nova, Portugal 2016.

The following artists will exhibit in United States, Mississipi at Cullis Depot Gallery located above the Mississippi State University welcome center:
American: Jay Garfinkle, France Garrido, Joe A. MacGown, K.D. Matheson, Patrick McGrath Muniz, Shahla Rosa, Olga Spiegel; Portugal: Santiago Ribeiro, Paula Rosa, Victor Lages, Francisco Urbano.

International Surrealism Now is a project by the surrealist painter Santiago Ribeiro that began in 2010 in Coimbra, when Santiago Ribeiro conceived a major exhibition organized by Bissaya Barreto Foundation. This event has been in Conímbriga celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Monographic Museum (second most visited museum in Portugal).

The show has also been in Paris with the support of GAPP – Art Gallery Portugal Presente and Liba WS, organized once again by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation and Santiago Ribeiro, and in Madrid with the support of Yamal Din. After that it went to Dallas with the support of the American surrealist artist Shahla Rosa.

Recently it was presented at the medieval Castle of Paço da Ega, organized by Rede de Bibliotecas and House Mayor of Condeixa-a-Nova.

Artists come from 30 countries: Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, USA, Philippines, France, Holland, Indonesia, England, Iran, Iceland , Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Vietnam.

List of artists can be found here:

Agim Meta / Ana Neamu / Ana Morales / Anna Plavinskaya / Andrew Baines / Asier Rico / Brigid Marlin / Bien Banez / Daila Lupo / Dan Neamu / Daniel Hanequand / Daniele Gori / Domen Lo / Edgar Invoker / Egill Ibsen / Erik Heyninck / Ettore Vigo / Farhad Jafari / France Garrido / Francisco Urbano / Gromyko Semper / Héctor Pineda / Hector Toro / Hugues Gillet / Isabel Meyrelles / Joe MacGown / Keith Wigdor / Leo Wijnhoven / Leo Plaw / Liba WS / Lubomír Štícha / Ludgero Rôlo / Lv Shang / Maciej Hoffman / Magi Calhoun / Maria Aristova / Martina Hoffmann / Mehriban Efendi / Naiker Roman / Nazareno Affonso / Nikolina Petolas / Octavian Florescu / Oleg Korolev / Olga Spiegel / Otto Rapp / Paula Rosa / Paulo Cunha, / Pedro Diaz / Philippe Pelletier / Rudolf Boelee / Santiago Ribeiro / Sergey Tyukanov / Shahla Rosa / Shoji Tanaka / Shan Zhulan / Sio Sandra / Slavko Krunic / Sônia M Barreto / Steve Smith / Stuart Grigz / Svetlana Kislyachenko / Tatomir Pitariu / Ton Haring / Victor Lages / Vu Thuong / Yamal Din / Yuri Tsvetaev / Zoran Velimanovic.

In the United States:
“LUSO – American and Portuguese Surrealism of the 21st Century”
Date and time: January 21 to February 19, 2016
Gallery Reception: January 21, TBD, 5-6 p.m.

Venue: Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery, MSU Welcome Center
Gallery Director: Lori Neuenfeldt,

SOURCE: International Surrealism Now

Source: Santiago Ribeiro

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